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Holistic Healing Services & Wellness Center has a network of holistic providers at your fingertips. All under one roof, our practice offers a wide range of services available for a well-rounded holistic resource.

Whether you’re seeing a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Acupuncturist or Massage Therapist, Holistic Healing Services & Wellness Center has it all. We extended our network to offer you specialized and diverse services in a single convenient location.

All of our providers here at Holistic Healing Services & Wellness Center work independently, so you can choose to work with one or multiple, depending on your requirements.

Holistic Healing Services and Wellness Center will provide balance revolving around one’s wellness. 
We will be mindful of judgment of one’s life and/or lifestyle as we all have a story that is unspoken. We provide wellness regardless of race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or gender. In order to provide balance in interior wellness, we must provide wellness in the environment around us. Holistic Healing Services and Wellness Center is here to provide a safe place to all.

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Michelle Joubert LCPC, DMT

Michelle is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist (BC-DMT), whom has experience working in residential treatment, home based treatment, school based counseling, and outpatient counseling since 2006. Michelle has training in working with children, adolescents, young adults, and adults within the scope of individual, couples, family and group therapy.

She believes in using an integrated treatment model that focuses on both the mind and body to best meet the needs of each individual. Treatment modalities may include- client centered therapy, solution focused therapy, positive behavior management, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT), attachment, self-regulation, and competency (ARC) framework for trauma, dance movement therapy (DMT) and expressive arts.

Michelle has experience in treating clients needing skills to improve- anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD, anger management, low self-esteem, bullying, trauma, autism spectrum disorders, social skills, selective mutism, parenting support, grieving, organizational skills, assertiveness skills, and stress management. Michelle also works with people whom are experiencing short term difficulties that occur during life transitions.

Michelle additionally provides supervision needed for licensure as an LCPC, and board certification as a DMT.

Michelle works at Holistic Health Services part time and will begin practicing in approximately mid to late January. To inquire about services please contact her at MJoubertLCPCBCDMT@gmail.com. *Please do not include confidential information in your e-mail.


Maegan Lambert-Irish, LCPC, LADC

Maegan Lambert-Irish specializes in counseling with older adolescences to older adults. Maegan has a long history of experience of 10+ years working with mental health and co-occurring disorders. Maegan specializes in an array of different areas, such as, but not limited to: anxiety, depression, addiction, marital/relationship problems, substance abuse/misuse, eating disorders, anger management and grief and loss. Maegan strives to have a comfortable, laid-back environment where clients can be themselves and express their thoughts and feelings freely without judgment. Maegan believes everyone has the ability to change, it is up to the individual how much. “Change is not always easy and may take time to see results. Change is an ongoing process and the goal is progress not perfection.” When Maegan is not working she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, hiking, listening to live music, and trying new things.



Beth Thibault, LCPC, LADC

Beth has been in the mental health field since 2000. She studied at Framingham State College in Massachusetts and earned a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology. Beth started her career as a developmental therapist and worked with children with autism. After working with children, she ventured to adults, where she was a developmental specialist for adults that had managed severe mental disabilities.

Soon after Beth made her move back up to Maine, she worked as a case manager for several years. After case management, Beth decided to practice therapy. She is trained in trauma therapy and focuses on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for adults and children. Beth practices CBT with children and adults to treat past trauma, depression and anxiety, and substance abuse disorders. Beth also specializes in autoimmune and pain disorders. Beth works with the anxiety/trauma connection to autoimmune/pain disorders, and how to manage the symptoms holistically.

Beth is also a wellness advocate for Doterra essential oils. Beth, herself, practices holistic treatment to manage physical and emotional symptoms. Beth offers classes to educate others about how essential oils can assist with treating different conditions and how to make “do it yourself” projects to eliminate chemicals in many types of products.

Beth does have openings and accepts most insurances. Beth offers a sliding scale to make treatment more affordable to those you may have to pay out of pocket.


Tammy Miranda, LCPC, CBIS

“I truly believe that everyone has the ability to change. My role is to provide a safe, trusting relationship that helps you to discover the path that works best for you. I have worked in helping professions for over 10 years, and during that time have discovered a passion for helping others make positive changes in their lives. My approach is holistic and individualized, with a focus on wellness, mindfulness and meaningful action. In order to help you make visible progress, we will work together to recognize, understand, and change thoughts and behaviors that are getting in your way.

I use CBT, motivational interviewing, and trauma informed approaches, always mindful of what is most useful for you. Trust, support, and collaboration are my top priorities. It’s important to recognize even the smallest progress toward a goal. Change is not always dramatic; it can also be subtle and lasting.”



Katie McVeigh, LCSW

Katie McVeigh, LCSW, received her Master’s Degree at the University of Southern Maine and holds a Maine state license as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Katie has been working with children, adolescents, families and adults in a multitude of settings over the past 15 years.

Areas of interest include anxiety, perfectionism, women’s issues, parenting, life changes and stress management and boundary setting in both children and adults.

Katie’s approach is full of whole heartedness, compassion and authenticity. She provides skills in mindfulness, strengths-based and holistic therapies. She is committed to providing a caring, non-judgmental space allowing you to find a sense of calm and to help you bloom.

If you are ready to improve your life and unlock the skills you hold within, please reach out to Katie by email.

Email: rebalancinglifewithkatie@gmail.com

Katie does have openings on Saturday and weekday evening hours.

Katherine Mills, PMHNP

A Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner licensed in the state of Maine, I provide expert psychiatric diagnostic evaluation and psychiatric medication management to adults in Maine coping with worry, changing moods, grief and loss, and difficulties with concentration and focus.
A United States Army veteran born and raised in Maine, I bring clinical expertise and outstanding capability supporting individuals to develop confidence in their best selves in accordance with their values and goals. I will work with you to create a treatment plan based on your individual needs, desires, and challenges.

For more information and to schedule an evaluation, go to www.raregempsychiatry.com

Nicole Sawyer, FNP

Nicole Sawyer FNP

Nicole is a Family Nurse Practitioner. Nicole attended undergraduate school at Kent State University and received a bachelor’s degree in Developmental Disabilities and Education. She has a Master’s Degree in Nursing from St. Joseph’s College of Maine. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys hiking, crocheting, and cooking.

Nicole has held a passion for health and healing throughout her careers in education and primary care. Over the past 25 years, Nicole has had the opportunity to work with children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly in different care settings. Starting her career in education, Nicole worked with children with developmental disabilities as a Special Education Teacher before starting a family of her own. She then went back to school to study nursing and earned her RN and FNP degrees. Nicole has worked at community homes for adults with developmental and mental health issues, and dementia units of nursing homes.

Nicole has spent the last 17 years in primary care and as a practitioner for the last 7 years. While working in primary care, Nicole developed a passion for providing care for adults with mental health issues. Over the past several years, mental health care has become a primary focus of her day-to-day practice.

Nicole has experience conducting evaluations to assess and diagnose issues such as anxiety, depression, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, insomnia, ADHD, and PTSD. Nicole enjoys working with adults to provide guidance and medication management with a heart of compassion and understanding.

Medication management is often the key you need to unlock your potential for health and wellness. Nicole utilizes a comprehensive approach to medication management by addressing your physical and emotional needs. She will continue to work with you to make sure the medication is a good fit and provides therapeutic results. She practices from a client-centered philosophy often utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and individualized Dialectical Behavior Therapy in her treatment plans to support your mental health needs. Nicole believes that counseling is also a collaborative process that is important to a strong therapeutic relationship. If you need a counselor, beyond her skillset, she will work with you to help you find one.

Victoria Kowalska

Victoria is a certified Reiki Practitioner and a vessel for Reiki’s ancient healing energy, also known as chi, prana, ki or life force energy. This is a is non-invasive form of hands-on treatment. Reiki works by removing any negative or stagnant energy and then rebalances our bodies, mind and spirit while also promoting deep relaxation and healing.

She also works with tuning fork sound therapy. This treatment uses sound and pure vibrational frequencies to stimulate and balance the body’s physical and subtle energy fields. Benefits of these treatments together or separately, can calm anxiety, improve sleep, helps with depression, enhances immune system, stabilizes emotions, lifts the spirit, reduces tension, aches, and pain. Both treatments can be performed on adults, children, and animals.

Additionally, she facilitates monthly women’s healing circles. Her inspiration stems from having
experienced the positive impacts of healing through her own journey and personal hardships. Being
empathetic, a good listener and a compassionate friend, she now wants to help people heal on all levels,
beyond just the physical. She understands that to help heal the world, you must start with yourself.

Schedule by appointment only. Contact me at: openserce@outlook.com
Or visit my website for more information at openserce.com

Christopher Perkins

Christopher Perkins has suffered epilepsy grand mal seizures for the majority of his life and studied Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) for many years in hopes that he could heal someone that has suffered as much as himself.

“I am currently studying massage therapy and am just about to get my Reiki Master certification. I have been studying reiki for 3 years and have been mentored by and working hands-on with a Reiki Master for 2 years. I have a deep respect for CAM and like to take my time establishing deep understandings of each of my areas of study, because I believe in providing my clients with the highest level of service, and healing.”

Christopher also has a natural gift in reading and clearing auras.
“I have been doing this for 7 years. If there is too much energy in the spirit, it’s time to “defuse” the aura and relieve the energy. If there is not enough energy in your spirit, it’s time to “infuse” the aura and intensify your spirit. If the energy is overloaded, it’s time to “reinfuse” the aura and balance out your energy within your spirit for an improved mental, and physical state. Aura reading aside from energy healing, is also good for self-awareness, and can provide direction, balance, and grounding.”

Christopher is currently working on passing his Reiki Master’s and obtaining my degree in Massage Therapy; thus, he is opening my schedule to appointments accordingly with his school schedule.

“I always want the best for my client, if you schedule with me expect consultation before your first appointment or if otherwise needed. I will always try my very best to meet your highest expectation of healing. 

If you were looking for an answer in life, or just needed energy relieved, I want to guide you on your path.

You can reach Christopher by calling (207)292-8174 or by email Chris16264@gmail.com

Cherie L. Ross, LMT/LE

Passionately committed to the holistic treatment and overall wellness of her clients, Cherie is focused on bringing them relief and good health. She brings over 12 years of experience in hands on therapeutic treatment relieving stress and pain as both a massage practitioner and educator. She also brings 3 years of licensed experience as an aesthetician as well as a lifetime commitment to quality skin care.

Applying her compassionate ear and her extensive experience to listen to her client’s needs and assess the condition of their soft tissue, joint quality, muscle strength and range of motion. Working together to then formulate a treatment plan going forward to achieve optimal results including guidance for postural improvement through exercises. 

Understanding the nuances of skin care, treatment regiments, the aging process, and benefits of aesthetic care to enhance skin health and quality of life. She draws from her comprehensive training and experience to advise her clients on how to care for and improve their skin. Individually assessing each client to develop a customized treatment based on skin type and how it responds to the changing seasons to highlight the natural beauty within. 

Cherie is licensed in both Massage Therapy and Aesthetics in multiple states (Massachusetts & Maine) and won Massage Therapist of the Year in 2015.

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